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7-step protocol for foreigners entering Thailand

by Vanessa Lane
7-step protocol for foreigners entering Thailand
Photo: ThailandPRD

The Thai government has released an official step-by-step guide for Thai nationals and foreigners who wish to enter Thailand.

The guide is designed to assist foreign nationals within any of the 11 groups allowed to enter Thailand with the procedures and formalities before, during, and after arrival.

The steps are as follows:

1. Contact the Royal Thai Embassy or consulate in the country you are staying to arrange and book a repatriation flight to Thailand.

2. Foreign nationals may be asked to provide the following before they may book a flight:

  • A booking for an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility.
  • A fit-to-fly medical certificate issued by a healthcare institution no more than 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Health insurance to cover medical treatment costs for at least the amount of USD100,000. The insurance must explicitly cover covid-19.
  • Thai nationals are only required to provide a fit-to-fly certificate.

3. All documentation must be submitted to the local Thai Embassy or consulate who will reserve a seat on a repatriation flight.

4. While waiting for a flight’s departure date, the Thai government encourages everyone to maintain the highest health standards and practice protection to avoid contracting coronavirus.

5. Upon arrival in Thailand, foreigners who have booked an Alternative State Quarantine facility will undergo separate processing from Thai authorities. This includes separate screenings, checking-in, and transportation.

6. When arriving in the Alternative State Quarantine facility, arrivals are requested to remain in their rooms safely. Between the third and fifth day after arrival, a first covid-19 test is administered. If results are negative, the quarantine will continue for eight days before a second test between the 11th and 13th day.

7. After completing the quarantine procedure, arrivals may travel and stay in Thailand. However, residence information must be provided and the ThaiChana application installed before leaving the quarantine facility.

Source: Facebook/thailandprd