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50,000 Thai workers find jobs abroad despite covid-19

by Kenneth Basilio
50,000 Thai workers find jobs abroad despite covid-19
Photo: Chiang Mai One

Thailand’s Labor Ministry expects to send at least 50,000 Thai laborers overseas by the end of the year.

Sucharet Pornchaiwisetkul, Thailand Employment Department chief, highlighted that the country managed to send 907 Thais workers overseas last month.

Pornchaiwisetkul declared that 51,346 jobs abroad are lined up for the remaining months of 2020.

According to the employment chief, 19,899 jobs are waiting for Thai laborers.

These include 6,319 positions in South Korea, 3,807 posts in Japan, 2,804 vacancies in Israel, 2,932 in Singapore, 2,444 workers in Malaysia, and 13,115 additional jobs in other countries.

The Thailand employment chief stated that the department was focused on finding Thais’ job opportunities to develop their labor competencies further.

Meanwhile, 25,000 agricultural jobs in Israel are guaranteed for Thai laborers.

The agricultural job pledge arose due to the newly signed Thailand-Israel bilateral agreement.

The signing of the new bilateral contract also ensures the safety of Thai workers currently employed in Israel, describing the Thai set-up as “protected and respected employment”.

The new agreement’s signage followed the previous bilateral contract agreed upon by both of the countries in 2010.

The previous bilateral agreement also sought to protect the rights of Thai overseas workers in Israel.

The Israel envoy to Thailand, Meir Shlomo, said:

“This agreement is the flagship project of bilateral relations between Israel and Thailand. I have no doubt that it will continue to contribute significantly to more prosperity in Thailand and in Israel, and to enhance job creation, especially during these times of economic difficulties.”

Israel also noted the significance of Thai workers in the country, stating that the overseas workers are components that are important for their economy.

Besides Israel, Japan has also sought to hire Thais to their country exclusively.

According to the Thai labor department last month, Japan is opening job opportunities for Thais, as a part of the Memorandum of Cooperation between both the countries.

The cooperation agreement between the nations is meant to supply skilled Thai workers to Japan.

The Office of Labor Affairs at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo stated that about 60,000 to 70,000 Thai workers are expected to be sent to Japan over the next five years.

Source: Bangkok Post