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Cop shoots neighbor over loud music

by Kenneth Basilio
Cop shoots neighbor over loud music
Photo: File Photo

A police officer from the Krasang district of Buriram province has been charged with attempted murder over his neighbor’s shooting due to noise disputes.

Pol Snr Sgt Maj Chaiyong Jaemrungroj, the officer indicted in the shooting incident, surrendered to his senior officials on Monday.

Rom Raroengying, the cop’s neighbor, was shot in his left leg and the left side of his ribs during the altercation.

The police officer shot his neighbor over Mr. Raroengying’s teenage son’s airing of loud music.

According to the victim’s mother-in-law, Sgt Maj Jaemrungroj walked to his neighbor’s house and then proceeded to discharge his firearm towards their property.

Cop shoots neighbor over loud music  1
Photo: Bangkok Post

Mr. Raroengying, who was coming home from work, saw the situation.

He called on the cop to stop firing his gun towards his house.

Sgt Maj Jaemrungroj then proceeded to shoot his neighbor, hitting him twice.

After being shot, Mr. Raroengying was chased and then physically assaulted by the police officer.

The incident was caught on tape by the victim’s daughter.

After his surrender, Sgt Maj Chaiyong Jaemrungroj confessed to authorities, corroborating the story told by the victims as accurate.

Source: Bangkok Post