Naked man shocks woman, steals her motorbike (VIDEO)

Photo: YouTube/TNA

A naked man terrified a woman riding a motorbike before stealing it and riding away in a bizarre incident that took place in Nakhon Si Thammarat on Sunday.

The event was caught on camera from a car dashcam and shows a naked man in his thirties sitting on a road divider at the Phuyai Pluem intersection in the Thai Sala district.

The man gets up and begins walking through the intersection towards a woman who was waiting for a red light on her motorbike.

As the man approaches, the terrified woman leaps off her bike and runs away. The naked man then hops on the motorbike and prepares to drive away.

A rescue worker runs to the scene to try and stop the man before being kicked by the au-natural thief who proceeds to ride away out of view.

Police caught the man on Tuesday at a nearby market and amazingly he was still naked when arrested. He was taken to Tha Sala Hospital for evaluation.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

Source: CTN

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