English man questioned after Thai wife falls off balcony

English man questioned after Thai wife falls off balcony

An English national has been accused of throwing his Thai wife off of a balcony in Ban Chang District, Rayong after a heated argument ended with the wife lying in a pool of her own blood.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, April 28th when officials in Rayong received notice that a woman had fallen off an 8th-floor balcony and landed on the 7th floor below.

A local rescue team was accompanied by immigration officials and police to the scene where they discovered a 56-year-old woman screaming in a pool of blood.

The woman told police that her husband had thrown her off the balcony before being brought to Ban Chang Hospital for medical attention.

Once the woman had been delivered to the hospital, officials contacted one of the husband’s friends because the man had locked himself in the condo and was praying on the balcony in a trance-like state.

The man’s friend arrived at the scene and after more than two hours of persuasion, the condo manager and immigration officials gained access to the condo.

The husband told police that he and his wife were arguing when she fell from the balcony and that stress from staying locked in the condo together had caused the heated fight.

Officials are currently holding the man until his wife has recovered sufficiently to give her side of the story about what happened. Her injuries include hip fractures and a dislocated left arm.

Source: Thai Residents | Photo: Sanook

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