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Thailand Vacation Destination: Ko Chang, AKA Elephant Island

by Dania Mooren

Ko Chang, commonly referred to as Elephant Island, is the largest of over 52 islands that form the region of Mu Ko Chang National Park.

It is frequently visited by tourists on vacation in Thailand who are seeking a more secluded, peaceful experience, as it contains an abundance of lush scenery, beautiful, quiet beaches, and several unique attractions that allow you to enjoy Ko Chang at your leisure.

While you may find it difficult to pull yourself away from the blue, inviting waters, and pristine sand of the beaches, it will also be hard to resist participating in the many activities on Elephant Island that allow you to explore the majesty of the rainforest, which spreads across most of Ko Chang and is largely untouched.

Of the many beaches which hug the shoreline of Ko Chang, some of the most popular is Hat Sai Khao and Hat Khlong Phrao.

These beaches of sparkling white sand are ideal for spending a day in peaceful tranquility, and are close enough to quality accommodations and small bungalows available for rent so that you can have full access to island luxury should you manage to pull yourself away from the calming surf and shady palm trees.

Regardless of whether you choose to reside in an Elephant Island luxury resort or a charming bungalow with spectacular views and unique amenities, you’ll find adventure waiting just outside your door.

Of the dozens of activities and attractions available on Ko Chang, you’ll want to be sure to try some of the more exclusive activities that afford you once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as riding on the back of an elephant on a sightseeing tour of the jungle, teeming with wildlife.

Or you can travel by foot, led by a guide, through the rainforest of Ko Chang, who’ll lead you to many of Elephant Island’s magnificent waterfalls, such as Namtok Khlong Phlu, a triple waterfall in a scenic spot.

Of course, Thailand is known for fabulous local food, especially seafood, and while on vacation in Ko Chang, you may want to consider staying an evening in one of the small fishing villages on Elephant Island, taking part in the Thailand fishing experience and working with the locals of Elephant Island to see what Thailand island life is really like. You’ll gain a new appreciation for Ko Chang and its native inhabitants.

There is an abundance of water activities available on Ko Chang as well, which include scuba diving and snorkeling. The beauty of Elephant Island resides below the water as much as it does on the surface. Coral beds, sunken ships, and flourishing fish and marine life can be glimpsed and admired.

Nearby islands Ko Mak and Ko Kut, Ko Kradat, and Ko Ngam, among others, also offer additional attractions, accommodations, and activities, including vibrant nightlife hotspots, secluded locations ideal for romance, and everything from upscale resort locations to the bare basics of a charming hut looking out onto the soothing waters that brush up against the islands of Thailand.

Many of the islands are only a short distance away, with others being a few hours away, all reachable by boat and ferry services. Dining options are plentiful across all the islands, and on Ko Chang, you’ll find no shortage of seafood restaurants, as well as an eclectic mix of local Thai dishes and western fare.

If you are planning a vacation to Thailand and are looking for a great place to spend your days relaxing and exploring the inner regions of Thailand, rather than the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s cities, then Ko Chang is an optimal choice.

During your stay on Elephant Island, you’ll be able to journey to any of the other 51 islands that form Mu Ko Chang National Park, which offer you unique vacation experiences that are truly unforgettable.

You can find a wealth of information about Ko Chang to help you plan your Thailand vacation at the website https://www.kochangisland.com/