Four floating restaurants raided for selling alcohol at Lampao Dam

Four floating restaurants raided for selling alcohol at Lampao Dam

The first day of resuming alcohol sales across Thailand may not have gone as the government had planned.

This morning, supermarkets were crammed with customers stuffing trolleys full of as much alcohol as they could manage with numerous images and videos from shops around the country going viral on social media.

Part of the resumption of alcohol sales is that all drinks must be for takeaway only with the ban remaining in place for customers dining in at restaurants.

However, in Kalasin province, four floating restaurants were raided for serving customers beer and whiskey.

The restaurants, located at Lampao Dam, were ordered to close after police discovered clients were drinking alcohol with their food.

Officials told the customers to pay their bills and leave and shut down the restaurants for neglecting to obey the conditions of the state of emergency.

Meanwhile, more provinces have joined Phitsanulok in extending the alcohol sales ban despite it being lifted nationwide.

Phitsanulok extended the ban until the end of the month and other provinces including Buriram, Chanthaburi, Lopburi, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Phanom, Petchaburi, and Rayong have also extended the alcohol ban.

The length of the ban in each province varies depending on the judgment of the individual governor.

Source: Bangkok Post

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