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Thailand’s T.M.30 rules relaxed from June 30th

by Amy Becker
Thailand's T.M.30 rules relaxed from June 30th
Photo: Thailand Immigration

The T.M.30 rules for notifying Thai immigration about a foreign national staying in a hotel or private property are set to change from the end of June following a notification published in the Government Gazette last week.

The notification, confirmed by the Royal Thai Police, details a change to the way T.M.30 reporting is carried out. The current rules regarding T.M.30 notifications were issued in 1979.

The announcement, titled “The Royal Thai Police Notification on Residence of Heads of Household, House Owners, Landlords, or Managers of Hotels, Who Accommodate Foreign Nationals on a Temporary Basis,” explains the following procedures concerning T.M.30 reporting:

1. Landlords and hotel operators must still submit a T.M.30 form to immigration within 24 hours of a foreign national arriving to stay at their premises.

2. Landlords and hotel owners are now no longer required to submit a new T.M.30 form every time a foreign national returns to stay at their property.

Thailand's T.M.30 rules relaxed from June 30th 1
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3. When submitting a T.M.30 form, landlords and hotel owners must indicate the length of time that a foreign national plan to stay at their property by providing an arrival date and expected departure date to immigration.

4. If a foreign national travels to stay at another location during these dates on a temporary basis, then returns to the first property, a new T.M.30 form does not need to be submitted to immigration upon their return.

5. The new rules apply to all foreign nationals on all visa types, including holders of multiple-entry visas and re-entry permits.

The new rules will come as a relief to landlords and hotel owners across Thailand who were becoming increasingly exasperated with the process of filing a new T.M.30 every time someone arrived at their property, regardless of how many times they came back.

According to the announcement, the new rules will begin on June 30th.

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Photo: Thailand Immigration

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