Nigerians stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport for almost three months will fly on June 4th

Nigerians stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport for almost three months will fly on June 4th
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Three Nigerian nationals that have been stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok for almost three months will eventually fly home at the beginning of June.

The three men have been living in the departure area of the airport as they were denied entry to Thailand because they didn’t have visas.

They had originally planned to travel to Myanmar and Laos when a lockdown was imposed by both countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, blocking all incoming flights.

The men had flown into Thailand with Etihad and Emirates, both of whom also stopped their services after Thailand’s flight ban, meaning the men couldn’t travel back to Nigeria either.

As they have been unable to enter Thailand and also unable to leave the country, they have been living in the departure area, relying on food from local staff and sleeping on the benches.

Staff from Thai Airways, that has recently announced it will go to bankruptcy court, have been providing the three Nigerian men with meal boxes every day.

The staff has also raised some money via donations on their personal Facebook pages to provide the three men with access to the private lounges where they can take a shower and sleep more comfortably.

After catching the attention of officials, the men were tested for coronavirus with all three testing negative.

While they wanted to continue their journeys to Myanmar and Laos, the Nigerian Embassy has agreed with local officials that it is better to send them home when possible.

Therefore, they have been booked on an Emirates flight that is due to leave Bangkok on June 4th when the United Arab Emirates resumes international flights.

Source: FM91BKK & Bangkok Post

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