Huge haul of protective gear seized in Mukdahan

Millions of baht worth of protective gear including face masks and thermometers were seized by officials over the weekend in the northeastern province of Mukdahan.

The large haul was discovered by local officials following an anonymous tip-off that a stash of untaxed products was being held on a company property along the Mukhadhan-Nakhon Phanom bypass road in Muang district.

Upon arrival, police and other officials discovered almost 2,000 cardboard boxes containing an array of protective equipment. The boxes were waiting to be sorted before the items were moved on to the black market.

Within the boxes were at least 2,500 infrared thermometers, 800 mercury thermometers, 12,500 face masks, and various other items that have increased market demand due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Further investigation revealed that the boxes had reached Thailand from China via Vietnam and Laos. The shipments had crossed the Mekong River from Savannahkhet into the border town of Mukdahan without going through customs.

All of the items were seized by police and handed over to the customs office in Mukdahan.

The Thai Government has promised to crack down on incidents of profiteering, hoarding, and smuggling of essential items such as face masks amid the covid-19 outbreak as hospitals and other essential services run low on such items.

Source: Bangkok Post | Photo: Bangkok Post

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