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Chiang Mai and Phuket update procedure for all arrivals

by Amy Becker
Chiang Mai and Phuket update procedure for all arrivals
Photo: Bangkok Post

As inter-provincial travel restrictions are loosened across Thailand, some provinces have implemented their own procedure for new arrivals in a bid to prevent further spread of covid-19.

Both Chiang Mai and Phuket have released new procedures that all new arrivals must adhere to when entering the provinces.

In Chiang Mai, arrivals must register their information on the CM-Chana App available at https://cmsdm.net/COVIDH/cm_index.php. This replaces the previous registration procedure via Line.

Upon registration, travelers will receive a link by SMS to their registered phone number that contains a QR code to be presented when arriving at the province.

If the traveler has come from a province where no new coronavirus cases have been recorded over the past 28 days, they do not have to quarantine but should obey all the usual hygiene measures while in the province.

Those who arrive from a province with a recorded coronavirus case within the past 28 days must quarantine themselves either at home or at a state quarantine facility.

People who have arrived from overseas within the past 14 days will be placed into a state quarantine facility.

The document below shows the full process:

Chiang mai arrivals procedure

In Phuket, land, and seaports are now open for travelers while Phuket International Airport will reopen on June 15th.

Registration is required for everyone entering or exiting the island via this link – https://phuketsmartcheckin.glideapp.io/.

The registration process includes uploading a recent photo of yourself and completing a form with personal and travel information. Once completed, travelers will receive a QR code which must be shown at checkpoints.

Phuket arrivals procedure

Travelers to other provinces are advised to check with local authorities prior to traveling to find out what procedures are in place.

Source: Facebook/PRThaiGovernment & ChiangMaiHealth