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Nonthaburi immigration officers suspended for taking bribes

by Vanessa Lane
Nonthaburi immigration officers suspended for taking bribes
Photo: Mapio

Two immigration officers working at the Nonthaburi Immigration office have been suspended pending an investigation following a viral video showing the officials requesting money to speed up a visa application.

The suspension of both officers was announced by the Deputy Spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, Pol Col Kritsana Pattanacharoen, who explained an investigation is underway following the secret filming of officers taking a bribe.

The video in question was posted on a Facebook account showing an immigration officer requesting 20,000 baht to “speed up the paperwork.” A caption for the post read:

“This is real, such a shame…Thailand is good, foreigners get visas to work in the country. They go to Nonthaburi Immigration…the officer told the foreigner that if he wanted the application to be completed fast then it would take 20,000 baht.”

An investigation into the matter is bring conducted by Immigration Division 3, with a committee formed to look into the alleged bribes.

Should either or both officials be found to have taken personal or additional money for visa services, they will face disciplinary actions and legal punishment.

In addition to the investigation, stricter measures will be implemented across all Immigration Bureau divisions to ensure the incident does not happen again, according to the Deputy Police Commissioner-General, Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk.

Source: MGROnline