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How do I know if I already have Coronavirus?

by Shéa Robinson

We are still in the early stages of understanding coronavirus (covid-19), with symptoms varying widely from case to case. It is very likely that many people have the virus without actually knowing it.

Is it possible to find out if your have covid-19? How should you behave if you think you might have been infected by the virus?

We try to answer some of those questions below:

Is there a way to know if someone already had covid-19?

Currently, there is no test to find out if someone already had the virus. There are tests in development, but no real timescale as to when they will be ready for the public. At present, the only way to know is to go and get tested while you have the infection and receive a positive result.

Could I have coronavirus and show no symptoms?

Yes, it is possible to contract the virus and have no idea that you actually have it. There are very mild symptoms such as a runny nose or sore throat, and more severe symptoms such as high fever, coughing, or shortness of breath.

How many people who have covid-19 show no symptoms?

It is currently impossible to tell. The best data currently available comes from a study conducted in Iceland which showed 50% of the people who tested positive as having no symptoms.

Are people who don’t have symptoms also contagious?

People who do not show any symptoms are contagious for a period of time, however, it is currently unknown how long that is. More data will emerge in the coming weeks and months about symptomless people who have caught the virus.

If I think I have it, should I tell people I have come into contact with?

Yes, absolutely. It is a good idea to alert them so they can get tested if possible. You should also get tested as soon as you can if you feel that you might have contracted the virus.

If I had it, can I get it again?

There is currently no evidence to show that anyone has got the virus more than once. People with normal immune systems who get better after contracting the virus should have immunity for at least a year, if not for life.

Source: The Guardian