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Abbot arrested for ramming pregnant ex-girlfriend’s truck and stabbing her to death

by Amy Becker
Abbot arrested for ramming pregnant ex-girlfriend's truck and stabbing her to death
Photo: The Nation

A 57-year-old abbot, identified only as “Um”, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder by Hin Lek Fai police in the Kumeuang district of Buriram province.

The arrest happened following an incident in the Toomyai district when the abbot rammed his van into a pickup truck at around 8 pm last night.

After crashing the vehicle, Um, dressed in orange monk’s robes, exited his van and walked over towards a couple who were dazed in the pickup truck.

According to an eyewitness, the abbot was carrying a 60 cm machete, recovered later by police, and hit one of the passengers, a pregnant woman, on the head from behind.

The other passenger, a man who turned out to be the woman’s husband, fled the scene in fear.

However, he left his 8-month pregnant wife behind at the mercy of the attacker who repeatedly stabbed her until she stopped moving.

It has since transpired that the pregnant woman is the abbot’s ex-girlfriend, and she had left him for another man. The attack was motivated by jealousy.

Officers found the woman’s body at the scene, and she was brought to Buriram Hospital for an autopsy. Initial reports indicate more than a dozen cuts and wounds across her face, body, and arms.

Um was arrested shortly after the attack and forcibly removed from his monkhood before being brought to the police station for questioning.

He informed the police of his relationship with the woman and told them:

“She also extorted money from me, threatening to tell others that the unborn baby is mine. When I saw her in the car with her new husband that she was just married to five months ago, I got jealous and killed her.”

Police have said they will charge him with first-degree murder.

Source: The Nation