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Egyptian soldier had “little or no opportunity” to transmit covid-19 in Rayong

by Vanessa Lane
Egyptian soldier had little or no opportunity to transmit covid-19 in Rayong
Photo: Facebook/Infectious1234

The Director-General of the Disease Control Department, Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, has confirmed that only one of the 31 visiting Egyptian group in Rayong tested positive for coronavirus.

He confirmed that the delegation had left their hotel in small groups to nearby shopping malls and said that the infected soldier was in a group of six that visited Laemtong mall on the morning of July 10th.

CCTV images captured the infected soldier entering the mall and showed that he wore a face mask at all times and did not eat during his four-hour visit.

Another group of four went in a taxi to CentralPlaza Rayong. All group members were tested for covid-19 that day, and only the soldier returned a positive result. The Director-General said:

“The group to CentralPlaza and the small groups, except the one with the infected person, had little or no opportunity to transmit the disease.”

He continued by stating that the infected soldier stayed at Laemtong mall between 11 am and 3 pm and passed health screenings and used hand gel while there. He continued:

“The infected person was on two floors of the mall. He did not shop or eat there. After leaving the mall, he returned to his hotel and entered his room. This means that the infected person did not contact many people.”

Dr. Wattanayingcharoenchai said that there were 11 high-risk people – four drivers and seven hotel employees – and 413 low-risk people – those in the mall simultaneously as the infected soldier.

On Tuesday, 1,333 people were tested for covid-19 at both malls in Rayong, with 416 results so far showing negative results. The Director-General reiterated the low chances of infection by concluding:

“Collected information shows the risk of disease transmission is slight and it is likely that local schools can reopen in seven days.”

Source: Bangkok Post