Free 100Mbps broadband and 10GB mobile data rolled out across Thailand

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand has rolled out free mobile data and broadband speed upgrades for 30 days.

The measure is designed to encourage people to work from home and maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to cutting utility bills.

Every Thai national can apply for 10 gigabytes of free mobile data between today and April 30th for a single mobile phone number.

The package is available to those who are on monthly plans with less than 10GB of data. Those who have more than 10GB of data or unlimited data plans are not eligible.

To register, mobile users should send *170*[13-digit ID number]# and press “call”.

The user will then receive a text message to let them know if the registration has been confirmed. If confirmed, the data will be available immediately.

The measures also include free broadband upgrades for everyone. Broadband will automatically be upgraded to 100 megabits per second from April 10th for 30 days.

Those who use ADSL or older internet technology will receive upgrades to the highest support speeds for their equipment.

Source: Office of the NBTC

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