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Scary Frogs in Thailand

by Nick Howell

Before I came to Thailand I never had a problem with frogs. I never thought they were particularly cute but I could live with them. Since coming here, though, Thai frogs seem set on scaring me as much as possible.

It all started with a frog in my jeans incident. I hang my washing at the back of my house on quite a high rack so I never expected wildlife in my clothes. I put my jeans on and did them up then realized there was a damp feeling by my knee.

I assumed it was a wet tissue I must have left in the wash so pulled my jeans down to find a frog looking at me. I screamed and the frog freaked out and started jumping around the room.

A few weeks later I’d checked my jeans by patting them down, just in case, but somehow a little frog had still snuck in. At least this time he jumped out as I put my leg in. He then disappeared under my sofa and I decided it was less stressful to leave him there then try and get him out.

A big mistake on my part as a few nights later I woke up with a frog on my face! I threw him across the room and decided the next day he was going to be history.

The only problem was finding him as he was good at hiding. Eventually, I found him by accident when I went to the bathroom and tried to flush the toilet – he was sitting on the handle, hence more screaming from me! I started to chase him around the bathroom – not sure who was more scared me or him as he kept jumping all over the place. My girlie squeals brought my dog running in who also joined in the chase.

The frog decided to escape my dog by jumping on her back, which under other circumstances would have been hilarious. My dog started to run round in circles like a bucking bronco but the frog was happy to hang on and enjoy the ride. Finally, he jumped off and my dog grabbed him and ran outside.

I now find frogs wherever I go, or they find me. At a friend’s house, one jumped on my foot, at work they jump out at me in the bathroom – there is no escape. I need to find something to put them off, maybe some kind of scent.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Save me from the frogs!!