Three new covid-19 cases in Thailand, two were asymptomatic

Three new covid-19 cases in Thailand, two were asymptomatic
Photo: Reuters

There were three new coronavirus cases announced in Thailand today, an increase of two after yesterday’s single reported coronavirus case. No new deaths were recorded again, making it almost two weeks since the last coronavirus-related death in the country.

The new cases included an elderly Thai man, aged 72, who had previous existing medical conditions including diabetes and lung cancer. He had visited a public hospital and barbershop on Sunday before developing a fever and cough.

He then visited a private hospital before returning to the public hospital he initially visited where he tested positive for coronavirus.

There were also two cases of asymptomatic patients. The first was a German man, aged 42, who had visited his wife’s house in Chaiyaphum province. He went shopping while in the province.

Afterward, he returned to his home in Bangkok and underwent a checkup before going back to work on the Monday even though he displayed no symptoms. During the checkup, it was discovered he had contracted covid-19.

The third case was a 25-year-old Thai woman who had recently returned from the Phillippines where she was attending a language course. She also displayed no symptoms but was found to have contracted the virus while being kept in state quarantine.

A further eight patients were released from hospitals over the past 24 hours, taking the number of recoveries up to 2,897.

Source: Department of Disease Control

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