Home Crime & Punishment Trio arrested for kratom smuggling into Phuket

Trio arrested for kratom smuggling into Phuket

by John Hall
Trio arrested for kratom smuggling into Phuket
Photo: The Phuket News

Three people have been arrested for attempting to smuggle 240 kilograms of kratom into Phuket despite the island requiring registration to enter as part of the local preventative measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Local police had received a tip-off that a large delivery of kratom was due to enter Phuket via the Tha Chatchai checkpoint on a pickup truck that had originated in Ratchaburi.

Officials were waiting for the pickup to arrive, as scheduled, at 4.30 pm on Saturday, May 30th, and searched the truck upon arrival at the checkpoint.

They discovered numerous baskets and sacks hidden underneath a tarpaulin in the rear of the truck containing a large amount of kratom.

Three Thai citizens were traveling in the truck and have been named as 30-year-old Wisut Marpai, 22-year-old Monchai Oncham, and 22-year-old Wilaiwan Oncham.

The trio comes from Ratchaburi, however, it remains unclear whether they had completed the mandatory registration to enter Phuket before they attempted to cross the checkpoint.

Police arrested the two men and one woman at the scene and seized the haul of kratom, pickup truck, and two iPhones for evidence.

Maj Tawan Lekmad of the Phuket Provincial Police said that the trio had confessed immediately to the crime and were taken to the Tha Chatchai Police Station for processing.

They will be charged with possession of a category five drug with the intention to sell.

Source: The Phuket News