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Teacher who forcibly cut schoolgirl’s hair apologizes

by Amy Becker
Teacher who forcibly cut schoolgirl's hair apologizes
Photo: ChiangMaiOne

A male teacher at Yang Chum Noi Phitthayakhom School in Sisaket province has apologized following a disturbing incident where he forcibly cut a student’s hair in front of the school assembly.

The event was brought to light by the girl’s mother, who took to Facebook after her daughter came home from school with an “ugly” haircut.

The student told her mother that a male teacher at the school had cut off one side of her hair because it was deemed “too long,” leaving her haircut uneven and messy as a punishment.

The incident happened in the morning when the entire school was present for assembly. According to the girl’s mother, the event caused her daughter shame, embarrassment, and mental anguish.

The Director of Secondary Educational Service Area Office 28, Chuchart Kaewnok, said he spoke to the girl’s mother during a meeting attended by Democrat Party MP, Issara Seriwatthanawut, the Director of the school, and the District Chief, Suporn Theerarojchalee.

Mr. Kaewnok said that the teacher had overstepped the mark, and students were permitted to have long hair with the condition that it is kept neat and orderly.

He added that the teacher in question, who he did not name, had been reprimanded and told not to repeat the act. However, the teacher will maintain his position and face no further punishment.

The girl’s mother said that she would monitor her daughter’s trauma following the event and decide whether she will stay in that school or move to another.

Source: Bangkok Post