Bangkok to begin random covid-19 testing at high-risk areas

Bangkok to begin random covid-19 testing at high-risk areas
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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced that the Ministry of Public Health has approved a project to randomly test 400 people per day in high-risk areas throughout the city.

The BMA has been supplied with 15,000 saliva testing kits which will allow for 400 tests per day until the end of June according to Bangkok Governor, Aswin Kwanmuang.

Areas being targeted are so-called “high-risk” locations, however, the Governor did not expand on exactly where is considered high-risk and at what locations the random testing will take place.

In addition to random testing, the BMA also provided clearer instructions for pet cafes around the city which have recently reopened as part of the easing of lockdown restrictions.

According to the announcement made by Governor Kwanmuang:

“Pet cafes must distinctively separate the dining area and petting area, whereas handwashing stations must be installed before entering the petting area.

Customers must take off their shoes, wear face mask or face shield as well as a gown at all times while they pet the animals, while the establishment must close for cleaning and ventilation every two hours.”

He also added that sick animals must be separated from the group and feeding animals is prohibited.

Finally, he said that BMA health officials will randomly inspect business locations and provide feedback about how they can comply with proper health regulations.

Source: The Nation

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