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Prayut in “no rush” to make a decision on easing restrictions

by Worapon Tingchin
Prayut in no rush to make a decision on easing restrictions

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, has remained non-committal to easing lockdown restrictions and reopening businesses across the country on May 1st.

The PM spoke after a cabinet meeting yesterday where discussions regarding the current state of emergency took place.

He indicated there is “no rush” to allow the economy to reopen despite the steadily decreasing official coronavirus figures released by the government.

Addressing the restrictions, Prayut said:

“I have not announced that the restrictions will ease from May 1st. It is vital to be cautious about making decisions on whether to relax [emergency] restrictions or not. This decision [to ease restrictions] will come after we have looked at the figures and numbers.”

With many local businesses struggling due to the impact of forced closure from the covid-19 pandemic, and up to 10 million jobs at risk, the Prime Minister added that he will not “cave into any pressure.”

He went on to insist that society and the public must work harder to assist the government in reducing the number of infections saying there is “no room for complacency.” He also addressed the possibility of a second surge in coronavirus figures, saying:

“Everyone is suffering, but isn’t public health suffering more? What would happen if the number of covid-19 deaths and infections spikes?”

He went on to say that a firm decision regarding the state of emergency and reopening of businesses will be made before the end of the month and will depend on various statistics and figures relating to the spread of covid-19 in the country.

Source: Bangkok Post & Khaosod