More than 5 million people have registered on government’s “ThaiChana” app

More than 5 million people have registered on government's ThaiChana app
Photo: Thai PBS World

Between Sunday, May 17th, and Tuesday, May 19th, more than five million people used the Thai government’s “ThaiChana” app to check-in and out of businesses.

The platform, which tracks people while they are shopping and stores their phone number and name so they can be alerted if they were in the same building as a covid-19 positive patient, has already been registered by 67,094 stores and businesses.

Since its launch, last Sunday, 8.58 million check-ins have occurred at registered shops, shopping malls, and businesses. However, only 6.36 million checkouts have happened, showing that more than two million people have not checked out of businesses correctly.

Of the people who did use the check out function, 3.98 million evaluated the business on cleanliness, social distancing measures, and the availability of hygienic products such as hand sanitizer.

The number of businesses registered on the platform is expected to increase over the coming days and weeks as checking in and out of stores and businesses becomes the “new normal” across Thailand.

Of the 67,904 registered businesses on the “ThaiChana” platform currently, Bangkok has the highest number with 21,590, followed by Chonburi, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, and Pathum Thani.

The most popular business type registered on the app is restaurants, followed by department stores, supermarkets, banks, consumer product stores, beauty clinics, and beauty salons.

Source: TNA

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