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Longer weekends & Disney in Isan among proposals by Thai AirAsia chief

by Worapon Tingchin
Longer weekends & Disney in Isan among proposals by Thai AirAsia chief
Photo: File Photo

To boost the domestic tourism market, Thai AirAsia’s Executive Chairman, Tassapon Bijleveld, has proposed a wide range of policies and ideas to the Thai Government that could assist with helping domestic tourism reach 100 million trips in 2020.

Mr. Bijleveld, who recently disclosed that Thai AirAsia is in discussions with other budget airlines in Thailand about a merger to reduce low-cost flight competition, has proposed a three-day weekend from Friday to Sunday as one of the policies.

The longer weekend would allow civil servants and private company employees to work remotely one day per week, therefore encouraging them to take trips over a potential three-day weekend.

The Thai AirAsia Executive Chairman believes this would boost domestic tourism and as people are becoming used to working from home it could work immediately. He said:

“The domestic market still has a chance to take the lead in restoring the national economy, but it will depend on the scale of efforts from the government and cooperation from the private sector.”

He also discussed the idea of removing the 14-day quarantine for people who travel between provinces with the Interior Ministry, requesting clear clarification of rules for people who travel to other provinces so they can plan routes in advance.

In regards to encouraging people to visit other provinces, Mr. Bijleveld suggested creating attractions in lesser-visited regions to bring domestic tourism.

He noted that most domestic tourism is focused on the south of Thailand due to the famous resort islands and beaches leading to unbalanced tourism revenue and the exploitation of nature.

His solution is to invite a major theme park such as Disney or Universal Studios to open in destinations that do not have natural attractions, earmarking provinces in the northeast of Thailand as the ideal place for such a project.

He said that a full-scale theme park in a northeastern province would benefit tourism and create jobs for locals in the area. Also, the infrastructure is already in place with many northeastern provinces having an airport already.

The policies and ideas will be considered by the government over the coming weeks as they look to find ways to boost domestic tourism within Thailand.

Source: Bangkok Post