Monkey grabs and drags toddler in Indonesia (VIDEO)

Monkey grabs and drags toddler in Indonesia (VIDEO)
Photo: Reuters

People have been left in shock following a video of a monkey grabbing and dragging a toddler in Indonesia going viral.

The incident happened in Surabaya, Indonesia on May 2nd and shows a monkey riding a small bike toward a bench where three young children are sitting.

Suddenly, the monkey jumps off the bike and grabs one of the toddlers to the ground. The animal then drags the young girl several meters down the street by the arm before eventually letting go.

The young girl quickly gets to her feet and runs back towards her friends, luckily escaping with only some abrasions on her forehead from the traumatic experience.

There have been some interesting theories circulating online about why the incident occurred with some speculating it was an attempt at child abduction for trafficking purposes.

Other people also pointed out that if you look closely at the video, the monkey has a rope around its neck and called for animal rights groups to intervene.

However, further investigation has revealed that the monkey was part of a traditional street performance known as topeng monyet (masked monkey).

The show, which has been banned in other parts of Indonesia, involves a monkey performing tricks while wearing a dolls mask.

Watch the video below:

Source: AsiaOne

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