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American pensioner receives 181-page, $1.1 million covid-19 hospital bill

by Vanessa Lane
American pensioner receives 181-page, $1.1 million covid-19 hospital bill
Photo: The Seattle Times

A 70-year-old American man received cheers from medical staff as he was discharged from a Seattle hospital following a draining 62 day battle against coronavirus.

However, Michael Flor said his heart almost stopped when he received a bill the size of a book with charges totaling 1,122,501.04 USD (34,775,082.22 Thai baht).

The bill, detailing all charges over 181 pages, includes almost 3,000 itemized costs or nearly 50 for every day he was in the Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah, Washington State.

Mr. Flor’s battle with covid-19 was hard-fought, with the 70-year-old so close to death at one point that nurses held a phone to his ear while he said goodbye to his wife and children.

His ability to make it through and recover from the virus earned him the nickname of “the miracle child” among local media in Seattle.

The enormous hospital bill somewhat tells the story of his battle with charges totaling almost 100,000 USD over 20 pages during the two days he was at his worst.

Some other charges included on the bill are:

  • 9,736 USD per day for his room in intensive care
  • 408,912 USD for 42 days in an isolation chamber
  • 282,215 USD for 29 days on a mechanical ventilator

Luckily for Mr. Flor, he is covered by Medicare, a government insurance program in the United States for elderly citizens. Also, the US government set aside 100 billion USD to assist with covid-19 related costs.

Due to this, Mr. Flor most likely won’t even need to pay his Medicare out-of-pocket charges, which would have amounted to around 6,000 USD.

However, even though his expenses will be covered, Mr. Flor said he feels “guilty” that taxpayers will bear the brunt of the costs. He said:

“It was a million bucks to save my life, and of course I’d say that’s money well-spent … But I also know I might be the only one saying that.”

Source: Seattle Times