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American licks toilet bowl, gets Covid-19

by Amy Becker
American licks toilet bowl, gets Covid-19

An American TikTok user has landed himself in hospital after participating the the “Coronavirus Challenge” on video platform TikTok. The idiotic man tested positive for covid-19 and is currently receiving treatment.

The American shared a video of himself going into a public toilet cubicle and moving his tongue along the bowl of the toilet in what is another reckless and stupid “challenge” set by young TikTok users.

In a second video posted by the man on Instagram, he is seen crying in a hospital bed after catching the virus which is causing havoc worldwide.

This latest act of stupidity follows other people making light of the serious nature of covid-19. Another American was videoed licking items on the shelves of a Walmart in Virginia and later arrested on terror charges.

Source: Daily Mirror

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