Singaporean visa forger caught after application error

Singaporean visa forger caught after 90-day reporting error

A Singaporean national has been arrested in Chiang Rai after Immigration Police noticed irregularities in his documents for a 90-day visa extension.

The 26-year-old, named David Han, was caught at a hotel in Chiang Rai yesterday where officials discovered a variety of forged documentation.

Mr. Han had stated on a visa application that he was working at the Singaporean Embassy. However, he has not worked at the embassy since 2015.

He has been forging documents ever since and was caught due to an error with his 90-day visa extension application as people who work at embassies would usually apply for a one-year extension directly through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Police had contacted the Singaporean Embassy and received confirmation that the documents were forged. According to police, the documents were professionally doctored with only the dates and signatures not matching.

The 26-year-old had also forged documents used for credit card applications, using the money to invest in stocks.

He accumulated more than 700,000 baht in credit card debt and invested more than one million baht in stocks.

Police also discovered evidence that he had forged documents for other people.

Mr. Han has had his visa revoked and has been transferred to Bangkok’s Thung Song Hong Police Station where he will face multiple charges.

Source: CTN

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