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Aleenta Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand

by Karen Goodwin

Travelers looking to visit exotic destinations in search of serenity, luxury, and a bit of adventure will find the Aleenta Resort and Spa located in Phuket, Thailand to be an excellent choice. The busy streets of the island are totally opposite to the environment of the resort that provides spectacular views of the Andaman Sea.

Guest’s accommodations at the Aleenta Resort and Spa offer luxury surroundings and high-end amenities to guests including views. Guests have a choice of private pool bungalows, beachfront suites, oceanfront lofts or freestanding villas all of which feature a few. The room decor is a combination of the influence of the island combined with modernity for an elegant and fresh look.

One of the traits most admired about staying at a resort in a place like Phuket is the use of nature. The out of doors is more beautiful than the indoors and this is played up at Aleenta Resort and Spa through the use of various al fresco dining venues.

The food served at the resort is spectacular and is made up of regional Thai dishes in addition to global cuisine. Consider it an honor if you get to sit at the Chef’s Table for dinner because it will be a memory you will never forget. All of the food served at Aleenta Resort and Spa is locally harvested.

The Spa IV, which is the on-site spa for Aleenta Resort and Spa, is world-class and offers a wide range of unique body treatments all administered by experts. The menu includes services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, body wraps, scrubs, massage, and more.

Guests who choose to venture outside the property have access to a wide range of tours and activities including exploring the national parks, playing golf, and taking advantage of local shopping and other experiences.

Known, as a popular venue for honeymoons, romantic retreats, and health and wellness retreats, Aleenta Resort and Spa is one stop on your world journey that will be remembered. Guests to Aleenta Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand can reach the resort by flying into Phuket International Airport and taking ground transportation to the resort.