Young Thai couple caught with 19kg of crystal meth at Hua Hin train station

Young Thai couple caught with 19KG of crystal meth at Hua Hin train station
Photo: Bangkok Post

Police have arrested two young Thai nationals at Hua Hin train station for transporting a huge amount of illegal drugs with a market value of approximately 10 million baht.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening when local police received information that drugs were being carried on a special express train between Bang Sue station in Bangkok and Thung Song station in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Police boarded the train and as it was approaching Hua Hin station they noticed two passengers who were looking uncomfortable and acting suspiciously.

Officers approached the couple and requested to search their bags. When opening the bags they discovered 19 packages labeled as if they contained tea.

However, inside each bag was approximately one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine, making 19 kilograms of the drug in total.

The two suspects, Ekkapong Kaewsa, aged 22 from Bangkok, and Mathanee Suparb, aged 23 from Sisaket, were both arrested having confessed to the crime.

Mr. Kaewsa told officers that he had smuggled drugs on the train many times and had asked Ms. Suparb, a waitress, to accompany him on this journey.

He said he was being paid 100,000 baht to bring the drugs to Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Police are continuing the investigation to find other people involved with the drugs, including those who provided the drugs in Bangkok and those who were due to receive the drugs in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Source: Bangkok Post

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