Two days to stock up before alcohol ban resumes

As part of the extended emergency decree announced earlier this week, it is expected that the ban on alcohol sales will continue throughout May.

The current ban which was initially implemented to stop people drinking during the Songkran festival period expires tomorrow, April 30th.

However, the Thai Government’s Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration has suggested that the ban should be renewed on May 3rd nationwide.

Despite the suggestion, the government will allow provincial governors to determine whether the ban on alcohol sales should continue. But, it is expected that almost all provinces will continue the ban.

However, as the current ban ends on April 30th and the new ban will begin on May 3rd, there will be a two-day grace period on May 1st and May 2nd when people can stock up on alcohol.

If this grace period is implemented, the government is concerned that people will not practice social distancing when purchasing drinks and fear it will encourage many people to meet in large gatherings.

Source: Bangkok Post

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