Thai schools go on recruitment drive for foreign teachers and teaching assistants

Thai schools go on recruitment drive for foreign teachers and teaching assistants
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With schools across Thailand due to reopen for in-house lessons again on July 1st, a major recruitment drive is underway to find both foreign teachers and Thai teaching assistants.

Likely, most schools will drastically reduce class sizes when students go back to class with the estimated teacher-to-student ratio being reduced from an average of one teacher per 20 students to one teacher per seven students.

Due to this, the Ministry of Education is hoping to recruit approximately 20,000 teaching assistants temporarily across elementary and secondary level schools in addition to vocational schools.

The Education Minister, Nataphol Teepsuwan, said that the jobs will be offered to people who find themselves out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they are prioritizing qualified employees with teaching assistant qualifications.

Schools around the country face another challenge before they open again in July. Many of the foreign teachers employed by schools left Thailand before the lockdown and are now stranded abroad due to the ban on incoming international flights.

Currently, the flight ban will not be lifted until the end of June but could be extended even further if a second wave of covid-19 hits Thailand. That means the earliest that foreign teachers could return to the country is likely to be between mid-July and the end of August when the school is already open.

Therefore, numerous schools have decided to quickly recruit foreign teachers already located in Thailand to replace those stranded abroad.

Multiple teaching jobs for foreigners have been listed on and other popular teacher recruitment websites.

With only six weeks left until schools are scheduled to reopen, there will be a huge focus on ensuring that enough teachers and teacher’s assistants are available to cope with student numbers.

Source: The Star

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