Temporary public school teacher admits molesting a minor at school in Buriram

Temporary public school teacher admits molesting a minor at school in Buriram
Photo: Bangkok Post

Yet another case of sexual assault taking place on school property has emerged from northeast Thailand following two school girls accusing five teachers and two alumni of rape in a high profile case from Mukdahan.

This time, the incident took place at a public school in Buriram where a 39-year-old temporary teacher called “Nikorn” has admitted to groping a 12-year-old schoolgirl in an empty classroom.

Local police were alerted to the incident following a complaint by the young girl’s mother who accused the man of luring her daughter to the school during the April vacation where he sexually assaulted her.

The girl’s mother provided police with evidence including Facebook chats between the man and the young girl.

While being interrogated by police, Nikorn admitted to hugging and kissing the girl in addition to touching her private areas after he had asked students to attend a computer studies class in April.

However, the accused denied having sex with the girl.

He told police that “something slipped in his mind” and made no excuses for what he had done. He has since handed his resignation to the school and apologized to the girl and her mother.

The mother told police that she was stunned when she learned of the abuse. She had recently talked with friends about the case in Mukdahan and never thought something like this would happen to her daughter.

She has taken her daughter to the hospital for a full examination and is currently awaiting the results.

Meanwhile, Nikorn has been charged with performing an obscene act with a minor and depriving a child under 15 of parental care. He was denied bail and is expected to appear in court today.

Earlier today, two MPs submitted a petition calling for stricter punishments for convicted rapists including the use of chemical castration.

Source: Bangkok Post

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