Struggling foreigners resort to queuing for free food and stealing from a supermarket

Struggling foreigners resort to queuing for free food and stealing from a supermarket
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The impact from coronavirus lockdown measures has hit millions of people hard, with some foreigners living in Thailand feeling the strain as they remain stranded in the country with money quickly running out.

Two separate stories have emerged lately that demonstrates just how desperate the situation has become for some “farangs” living in Thailand.

The first emerged last week when a foreign man was caught stealing food from a supermarket at the Esplanade shopping mall in the Ratchada area of Bangkok.

The man was caught by a security guard and a grab driver in the supermarket having jammed 500 baht worth of snacks into his top.

A nearby on-duty police officer noticed the situation and arrived on the scene as a crowd gathered to see what would happen next.

However, in a moment that stunned onlookers, the police officer produced a 1,000 baht note and paid for the items the man had attempted to steal. He then gave the change to the downtrodden man in an act of incredible kindness.

The officer had realized that the man was stealing because he was hungry and had no other option. So, rather than arrest and process him, the officer paid for his items and advised him to seek help from his embassy.

Another story comes from South Pattaya where a British national was seen queuing with locals to receive free food handouts. He had come to Thailand for a holiday and ended up stranded in the country after blowing his money on fancy hotels, alcohol, and Thai women.

His situation was so desperate that he had sold his passport for 200 baht to a stranger who apparently collected passports from around the world.

According to the Pattaya Mail, the man had tried phoning the British Embassy but could not get through to them. However, he claims he is in no rush to get back to the UK as there is “nothing positive to look forward to there.”

However, as a foreigner without a passport wondering the streets of Pattaya, it seems only a matter of time before the British national ends up in a local prison or immigration detention center without assistance from a kind stranger.

These are just two cases of many that are being reported and told across local news platforms and social media.

The kindness of the police officer in Bangkok demonstrates how we can all help each other in these difficult times regardless of nationality.

Meanwhile, the struggle of the British man in Pattaya shows how we can all be affected by recent events, and rather than judge people we should help them in any way we can.

Source: StickboyBKK & Pattaya Mail

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