SRT suspends 14 inter-provincial services to stop people traveling

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SRT suspends 14 inter-provincial services to stop people traveling

Following a huge movement of people going back to their home provinces over the long weekend, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has suspended 14 inter-provincial services until further notice.

The move comes after millions of people left Bangkok, Phuket, and other regions to go back to their home provinces following the end of the lockdown and an easing in restrictions for traveling between provinces.

However, due to the huge numbers of people traveling on Friday, the Thai Government quickly reinstated the ban on inter-provincial travel. Now, people traveling must have a valid reason and evidence to show police at provincial checkpoints.

Keeping in line with the updated rules for traveling, the SRT has now suspended 14 popular routes and implemented close monitoring of people using all remaining services.

The services suspended are:

  1. Express train 135 (Bangkok – Ubon Ratchathani)
  2. Express train 136 (Ubon Ratchathani – Bangkok)
  3. Train 201 (Bangkok – Phitsanulok)
  4. Train 202 (Phitsanulok – Bangkok)
  5. Train 257 (Thonburi – Nam Tok)
  6. Train 258 (Nam Tok – Thonburi)
  7. Local train 415 (Korat – Nong Khai)
  8. Local train 418 (Nong Khai – Korat)
  9. Local train 421 (Korat – Ubon Ratchathani)
  10. Local train 426 (Ubon Ratchathani – Korat)
  11. Local train 439 (Kaeng Khoy – Bua Yai)
  12. Local train 440 (Bua Yai – Kaeng Khoy)
  13. Local train 489 (Khirirat Nikhom – Surat Thani)
  14. Local train 490 (Surat Thani – Khirirat Nikhom)

Anyone who had purchased a ticket for these routes can receive a full refund at any station or by calling the SRT on 1690.

Source: The Nation

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