Second school girl comes forward in Mukdahan gang rape case

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A second schoolgirl, aged 16, has come forward and provided testimony to police against three of the seven suspects involved in a gang rape ordeal at a school in Mukdahan.

The case came to light earlier this week when a 14-year-old revealed she had been raped multiple times over the course of a year by five of her teachers and two alumni.

An investigation was immediately initiated by police and has led to the revelation that another student at the same school was also subjected to sexual assault by three of the teachers involved in the first case.

The three teachers accused by the new victim have been named as Wipoj Saensuk, Anupap Banjong, and Yuttana Phuthanonnok.

The 16-year-old student is also acting as a witness for the first victim, telling police she had seen her being raped on multiple occasions before being assaulted herself.

The young girl has been placed into the custody of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and is said to be experiencing extreme stress and anxiety following her ordeal.

Police have already pressed charges against the five teachers and two alumni involved in the case, but all seven men have denied the charges and been granted bail.

One of the suspects, Anupap Banjong, has left Mukdahan to go and stay at his family’s home in Nakhon Phanom province where his uncle expressed shock over the charges levied at his nephew.

Police are currently gathering evidence for both cases by scouring the alleged crime scenes at the school including the teacher rooms, private residences, and volleyball court.

So far, they have discovered used condoms and empty liquor bottles at the scenes.

Both victims and any other witnesses that come forward in the case will have the option to go into protective custody in the event of witness intimidation according to Pol Lt Col Preecha Krongyut, who is overseeing the cases.

Officials from the Ministry of Justice are already accompanying the victims and witnesses for their security.

Source: Bangkok Post

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