Phuket targets Saturday for reopening road access and airport

Phuket targets Saturday for reopening road access and airport
Photo: The Phuket News

Phuket Governor, Phakaphong Tavipatana has said that his province will request permission to reopen Phuket International Airport, all of the seaports, and permanent road access in and out of the province.

Permission to reopen the airport will be requested from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), which has closed Phuket airport until at least midnight on Friday night (May 15th).

The Governor would like to reopen the airport for domestic flights on Saturday. However, international flights will remain banned as per the nationwide instructions until at least the end of May.

Mr. Tavipatana said that three airlines have already notified the province about their intentions to resume limited flights for domestic passengers coming into Phuket with at least one flight per day per airline.

In addition to the planned reopening of the airport, the Governor is also seeking permission from the Interior Ministry to reopen the seaports and roads.

Currently, there are strict limitations on the number of people who can leave Phuket each day following chaotic scenes when the road opened to allow people off the island two weeks ago.

If permission is granted, people entering Phuket will be required to follow instructions from the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee such as completing forms with personal information, residential addresses, and planned movements on the island.

Once the details have been finalized, full information on traveling to Phuket will be released promised the Governor.

Source: Bangkok Post

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