Myanmar drug runners caught in Chiang Rai with meth pills and firearms

Myanmar drug runners caught in Chiang Rai with meth pills and firearms

Police in Chiang Rai has announced the seizure of approximately 1.8 million methamphetamine pills coming into Thailand from across the border in Myanmar.

The meth pills were discovered in two separate incidents over the past three days following an anonymous tip-off that the drugs were coming in from the border area.

The first incident occurred along the riverside in the Ban Rong area of Mae Sai district. Police stopped a vehicle and discovered a 27-year-old man with more than one million methamphetamine pills in the car.

The pills, smuggled from Myanmar, were not very well hidden. They were stuffed into the boot of the car in five large sacks.

The second incident occurred at a road checkpoint setup on Bandu Road specifically to catch the drug runners following a tip-off.

Officials stopped a Toyota sedan and discovered six bags of meth pills totaling approximately 780,000 pills. They also found a 9mm pistol, a shotgun, and ammunition in the vehicle.

The suspect told police he had been hired to take the drugs from Myanmar to Phrae Province and that he was due to be paid 250,000 baht upon delivery of the pills.

Both men have been charged with trafficking class one narcotics and the second man has also been charged with possession and the intent to sell unlicensed firearms.

Chiang Rai police believe that drug runners are using the covid-19 situation to their advantage as they think that police are preoccupied with dealing with the pandemic.

However, Police General, Watcharathip Mongkol, said that police will continue to put resources into catching drug smugglers. He said:

“I believe they think our forces are running thin due to the covid-19 situation. Sadly for them, it’s untrue”.”

Source: Chiang Mai News

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