Man shoots monk for telling him to “stop drinking alcohol”

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Man shoots monk for telling him to stop drinking alcohol
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A 44-year-old Thai man, identified as Sakol Pumthong, has been arrested in the Mae Moh district of Lampang province for shooting and killing a monk in a secluded forest.

The incident came to light when local villagers discovered the monk’s body near a small hut in a pickup truck close to Sop Moh village in tambon Som Pat.

The body was badly decayed and swollen, omitting a strong stench that attracted the attention of the villagers. Upon discovery of the body, they could see the monk had been shot in the head.

Local police began an investigation that led them to the suspect, 44-year-old Sakol Pumthong, who had been living with the monk in his hut for around 10 days before the incident occurred.

The suspect had been kicked out of his house by his wife and went to stay with the monk who provided him with food, water, and shelter.

Police discovered that Mr. Pumthong was hiding in the forest and quickly set up blockades in the area to catch him. After some time, the suspect came out of hiding and was arrested.

Upon his arrest, the 44-year-old confessed to the murder and said he had committed the crime because the monk criticized him for drinking alcohol.

The suspect decided to kill the monk on Wednesday morning after he left to collect alms from the local village. While the monk was gone, Mr. Pumthong retrieved a rifle from the hut and shot the victim in the head once when he returned.

After the shooting, the murderer then walked approximately one kilometer from the scene and hid the rifle under a tree before proceeding deeper into the forest.

On Sunday morning, Mr. Pumthong was brought to the hut by local police for a reenactment of the crime.

The victim was named as 69-year-old Phra Bundhit Prom-iam.

Source: Bangkok Post

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