Government MPs call for chemical castration punishment for rapists

Government MPs call for chemical castration punishment for rapists
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Two MPs from the ruling Palang Pracharath Party have submitted a petition calling for tougher punishments for convicted rapists including chemical castration.

The petition was filed to Justice Minister, Somsak Thepsutin, by MPs Patcharin Sumsiripong and Karnkanit Heawsantati on behalf of the House Committee on anti-rape measures on Monday.

The new law would be enforced in a bid to protect children from sexual abuse following high-profile cases in recent weeks including the yearlong sexual abuse of two female students at a school in Mukdahan.

MP Patcharin Sumsiripong explained the reasoning behind the submission of the petition to the court, saying:

“The issue of sexual abuse involving students and teachers still persists over the past years. Schoolgirls have faced many types of violence, from rape to molestation. This becomes a public concern and it has to be solved right away.”

The “eye-for-an-eye” punishment would help to deter sexual assaults according to criminology expert, Tanansak Borwornnuntakul. He suggested that a national sex offender list also be set up as it proves effective in other countries around the world.

The petition also includes proposals for better protection measures when victims and witnesses come forward in addition to compensation packages. MP Sumsiripong said:

“They [victims and witnesses] should be protected physically and mentally. Any presentation of photos or news that can lead to the identity of the victims should also be prevented because it is a disgrace and defamation for them.”

The use of chemical castration on convicted rapists is already used as a punishment in many countries including South Korea and some states in the US.

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