Female Win driver stabs security guard to death over parking space argument

Female Win driver stabs security guard to death over parking space argument
Photo: The Nation

A security guard working at a parking building on Bangna-Trad Road in Samut Prakan was stabbed and killed by a female Win motorbike driver on Tuesday morning after an argument broke out when he told her not to park at the building’s entrance.

The incident happened at around 10 am yesterday when local police received word of a fatal stabbing at the parking building. Upon arrival, they discovered the security guard in a pool of blood with a stab wound on the left side of his chest.

The suspect, 66-year-old Phayao Senarak, was waiting at the scene with her husband, 73-year-old Than, and handed over the weapon to police when they arrived.

She informed the authorities that her husband, who is also a Win driver, had called her to inform her that he was involved in an accident at the parking building and asked her to bring some documents for the insurance company.

Phayao brought the documents to the building and parked her motorcycle at the entrance where cars were coming in and out of the parking lot.

An on-duty security guard approached Phayao and asked her to move her motorbike as it was blocking the entrance. She refused to move her motorcycle, leading to an intense argument between both parties.

She claims that the security guard tried to hit her with a piece of wood so she attacked him with a knife, stabbing him without looking while her husband tried to calm down the situation.

She did not explain why she was carrying a knife in the first place.

Police arrested the woman and her husband and are pressing charges for assault and manslaughter.

Source: The Nation

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