Family feud ends with husband and wife shot dead in Ratchaburi

Family feud ends with husband and wife shot dead in Ratchaburi

A husband and wife were shot and killed by a family member in Ratchaburi over a dispute about money.

The incident occurred last night at approximately 8 pm in a car park of the Phontharam district.

Witnesses on the scene told police that an argument broke out between two men with one of the men screaming that he was owed money by the other man.

One of the victims, a 52-year-old man, was holding a knife in his hand and began walking towards the other man, a 49-year-old, who was screaming about the debt.

However, as the knife-wielding man approached, the other man grabbed a gun and opened fire, killing the victim instantly. He then proceeded to turn the gun on the man’s wife, a 31-year-old woman.

The wife had been trying to intervene and calm down the situation while holding her daughter in her arms. However, the gunman did not hesitate and fired two shots, also killing the woman instantly.

After the incident, the man fled the scene in his car.

It has since transpired that the gunman is the uncle of the woman he killed and had been in dispute with his niece’s husband over a debt for some time.

Police are still hunting for the shooter and have issued a warrant for his arrest.

Source: Bangkok Post

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