Fake coronavirus medical certificate seller arrested in Bangkok

Fake coronavirus medical certificate seller arrested in Bangkok

A 24-year-old Thai man was arrested yesterday for selling fake medical certificates, including those for covid-19, from his home in Lat Phrao, Bangkok.

The man was selling the fake certificates on Facebook and via a Line group. Police had become aware of the operation after a complaint was made by an anonymous social media user regarding the seller’s activities.

Investigators tracked down the man via his social media accounts and discovered he was selling the fake medical certificates for 1,000 baht each or covid-19 medical certificates for 800 baht each.

The police discovered numerous items and tools in the man’s home including 17 fake stamps with hospital names, 95 fake medical certificates, a computer containing 65 hospital forms, a mobile phone, and two books with EMS postal labels.

The man confessed to selling the fake certificates online in both Thai and English and said he had been doing this for more than a year, earning between 40,000 and 50,000 baht per month.

He also implicated a woman who he claimed has supplied him with the equipment and tools. He said he received 400 baht per certificate sold.

The investigation into the woman continues.

Source: Bangkok Post

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