Dengue fever hits Korat hard with more than 700 cases found

Dengue fever hits Korat hard with more than 700 cases found
Photo: Healthline

While Thailand and the world are battling against the coronavirus pandemic, another major health issue is plaguing the northeast of the country as 737 cases of dengue fever have been discovered in Korat.

The tropical disease, spread by mosquitos, is the target of a new campaign being launched in the Muang district to prevent further spread of the illness.

The campaign, mostly conducted by local health volunteers from villages in Korat, involves the distribution of abate sand granules that can kill mosquito larvae and reduce the population of the disease-spreader.

The Director of the 9th Disease Control Office, Dr. Kittipong Sanchartwiroon, said that the figures show people living in the four lower northeastern provinces of Thailand have contracted the virus have increased drastically this year.

Korat is the hardest hit province with 737 cases of dengue fever equating to 27.92 cases per 100,000 people. Chaiyaphum was second-hardest hit with 223 cases or 19.57 cases per 100,000 people. Buriram was third with 143 cases (8.98 per 100,000) and Surin fourth with 96 (6.87 per 100,000).

Children and young adults are most likely to get dengue fever with kids aged 10-14 affected the most followed by children aged 5-9 and young adults aged 15-24.

Dr. Sanchartwiroon said that the most affected provinces must step up their campaigns against dengue fever in tandem with fighting covid-19.

Source: Bangkok Post

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