Car bursts into flames moments after it was purchased

Car bursts into flames moments after it was purchased
Photo: Sanook

A Thai couple who purchased a second-hand car for 22,000 baht in Nonthaburi province are filing a complaint with the police after the vehicle burst into flames moments after they drove away from the car dealership.

The car, a green Toyota Corona, had been purchased from a second-hand car salesman in Pak Kret by a husband and wife who were planning to drive it home to Kanchanburi province.

However, moment after they pulled away from the dealership they noticed smoke beginning to rise out from the engine of the Toyota.

Concerned, both husband and wife jumped out of the car and ran away, fearing the engine would explode. Seconds after they departed from the vehicle, huge flames lapped up from the engine engulfing the whole car.

Two cement truck drivers saw the car on fire and pulled over to help douse the flames until firefighters arrived on the scene. After around 30 minutes, the fire was extinguished.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, however, it did not have any insurance and had not been converted to run on natural gas.

The couple has filed a report with the police and wish to take action against the seller for deceiving them.

Source: Thai Residents

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