Australian man charged for possession of child pornography in Chiang Mai

Australian man charged for possession of child pornography in Chiang Mai
Photo: CTN

A 60-year-old Australian man has been arrested and charged for possessing and distributing child pornography after thousands of images and videos were discovered by police on his mobile phone and tablet.

The man, named by police as Wayne Jeffory McCullough, was caught after local officials received an anonymous tip that he was in possession of underage materials.

On May 15th, police received a search warrant and went to Mr. McCullough’s home in Chiang Mai where they discovered mobile and tablet devices containing large amounts of child pornography.

Police also discovered an email address in his name that was allegedly used to distribute the illegal content to other people. A Twitter account, with the handle @WJM_Global was also seized and has since been suspended by the social media platform.

The Australian ex-pat admitted the items and pornography belonged to him and was charged with the possession and distribution of underage pornography in addition to computer crimes.

All seized items have been sent for further analysis by investigation officers in Chiang Mai.

The law regarding possession and distribution of child pornography was altered in 2015 and is now a criminal offense with a maximum fine of 200,000 baht and/or 10 years in prison.

Source: CTN

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