Australian man and Myanmar couple arrested on child abuse charges

Australian man and Myanmar couple arrested on child abuse charges
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An Australian national has been arrested in the Mae Sot district of Tak province after allegations emerged that he molested and sexually assaulted seven young boys from Myanmar.

The 43-year-old, named by the Immigration Bureau as Adam James Fog, was working as an English teacher in the district. He has been working there for only three months.

Police said the man lured boys, all of whom came from Myanmar to his apartment with promises of snacks and games. All of the boys involved in the case are under 15 years old.

A tip-off from the Children’s and Women’s Nursing Home (CWNH) led to the arrest of the Australian national and also a Myanmar couple who were supposed to be taking care of the boys.

The man’s apartment was raided by authorities and the seven boys have been rescued by the CWNH who will take care of them until arrangements are made.

Police also discovered four grams of methamphetamine in the man’s residence.

Both the man and the couple from Myanmar face charges of drug possession in addition to sexually assaulting minors.

Mr. Fog also faces a charge of entering the Kingdom of Thailand illegally.

This is the second incident of an Australian nation being involved with minors this week as another Australian man in Chiang Mai was earlier arrested following possession and distribution of underage pornography.

Source: Bangkok Post

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