44 arrested at Pattaya pool party during curfew hours

44 arrested at Pattaya pool party during curfew hours
Photo: The Pattaya News

Pattaya police have arrested 44 people who were attending a pool party at a villa in the center of the city last night.

The arrests happened at approximately 1.30 am when police discovered some people breaking curfew by driving motorbikes while they were on a routine patrol.

Upon following the motorbikes, authorities were led to a large gathering of 44 people who were celebrating a birthday party at a rented villa in Amazing Pool Villas, Central Pattaya.

The party was full of mostly teenagers who were drinking alcohol and taking drugs while a DJ was playing loud music. Of the people attending the party, three were Chinese nationals while the rest were Thai citizens.

Police discovered multiple bags of drugs on the premises including methamphetamine. Many of the drugs were in plain sight on the tables with bottles of alcohol.

An illegal firearm was also discovered by police in a Bangkok-registered pickup truck that was parked outside the villa.

One of the attendees, a 41-year-old Thai man, had an outstanding warrant for money laundering and drug dealing.

Everyone who was at the party was tested for drugs and will face multiple charges including violation of the emergency decree, breaking the national curfew, drug charges, and possession of a firearm charge.

The owner of the rented villa will also face charges for violating the emergency decree by renting the property illegally while hotels and other venues are closed under the national order.

Source: Pattaya News

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