21-year-old volunteer dies fighting wildfires in Northern Thailand

21-year-old volunteer dies fighting wildfires in Northern Thailand

A young man has died while volunteering to help extinguish wildfires that have been plaguing Northern Thailand over the past few weeks.

The young man, Sittichai Kongkaewsingam, was helping to fight a bushfire that threatened a local village in Mae Hong Son Province and died in the flames.

The fire was raging towards a populated area in Khun Yuam district, prompting residents to call for assistance. Sittichai answered the calls with other volunteers and began dousing the flames to stop them from reaching the small village.

Unfortunately, strong winds changed the path of the fire, blowing it back towards him and trapping him in the flames where he passed away.

Wildfires have been a major problem in Northern Thailand, affecting the air quality in the area as well as threatening the environment and villages.

More than 42 people have been arrested for arson in relation to the fires over the past two months while seven people have now died while trying to contain the fires.

Source: Bangkok Post

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