FC Seoul receives record fine over sex doll controversy

FC Seoul receives record fine over sex doll controversy
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FC Seoul, a major football club in South Korea’s K-League, has been handed a record 100 million Korean won (USD 82,000, 2.5 million baht) fine over the use of sex dolls in the stands during a live televised match.

The club had placed the dolls in the stands to mimic real fans and claimed they were unaware that the plastic fans were sex dolls, saying they thought they were mannequins in a club statement.

While the K-League accepts that FC Seoul did not know the mannequins were sex toys, they said the club could have easily recognized the difference using common sense.

K-League regulations forbid inappropriate or sexual advertising and league officials issued the record fine due to the club “damaging the prestige and integrity of the league.”

Further punishment may be on the way for FC Seoul with the Seoul Facilities Corporation, a body that operates the Seoul World Cup Stadium, considering kicking the club out of their home ground.

With the K-League being one of the few professional football leagues playing competitive matches, broadcasters around the world are showing live games, leading to the severe backlash over the incident.

Source: ESPN

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